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VIDEO: Enough is enough for UK’s oil truckers

26 Mar 2012, By

Here’s a short film from Unite, setting out the backdrop to their members’ decision to ballot for industrial action over the erosion of safety and work conditions in the oil tanker industry.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I pass a petrol tanker on the road, I’m always extremely conscious of it. Ensuring such a dangerous cargo is transported safely and handled correctly is a vitally important job, and never one you’d want to cut corners with.

However it seems that as the petrol market has fragmented, that’s just what’s happened. Many haulage companies have seen the opportunity to make a quick buck by cutting back on workers’ conditions, pay and training, by increasing casualisation, and by piling on the working hours. Drivers affected by cuts to one major contract took strike action earlier this year, and the union’s sector is now seeking a mandate to broaden the action to a number of other contracts now in dispute over cuts.

With such high stakes for the safety of road users, and risk to the environment, it’s little wonder Unite’s tanker drivers have christened their campaign “Enough is Enough“.