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Widening the debate on Trade Union membership

30 Apr 2012, By

Thanks to Becky for her analysis of the 2011 trade union membership figures released by BIS last week. Given the huge labour market turmoil we’ve experienced in 2011, I’m immediately struck by the remarkable stability in the key indicators relating to total union membership and density compared with 2010. Of course, there’s no denying the…

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2011 trade union membership figures released

26 Apr 2012, By Guest

Yesterday, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) released their annual report on trade union membership which is taken from the annual Labour Force Survey (LFS) in the final quarter of 2011.  Carl blogged about the 2010 release here. So, what were the figures and what do they mean for trade unions?

Hasan free – union campaigns work

23 Apr 2012, By

It’s always good to know when a campaign works, and feedback on campaigns we’ve run. So, here from LabourStart is an update on the campaign to get Kosovan metalworker trade union leader Hasan Abazi out of a Serbian jail. Key point: Hasan is back home.

High heels: Lies, damned lies and politics

18 Apr 2012, By

It is always said that you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story, and while we might expect that of some tabloids, what about when it is politicians? Today the health and safety Minister, Chris Grayling is making a speech to the Policy Exchange where it’s reported he will…

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US union video: dignity and respect at work or CEO mega-bonuses?

17 Apr 2012, By

Here’s a great video from the US Transport Workers Union, part of their campaign against worse terms and conditions at American Airlines and American Eagle, whose parent company has filed for bankruptcy. It contrasts the commitment that workers give to their job with the rewards they – and management – receive, emphasising a dignity of…

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Iran tries again to silence workers’ voices

17 Apr 2012, By

UPDATE: 19 April – Ebrahim Madadi (mentioned below) has been released at the end of his jail term. Reza Shahabi, Treasurer of the Vahed bus workers’ syndicate (union) in Tehran, and a bus worker himself, has been jailed for six years after nearly two years of harassment and imprisonment by the authorities in Iran. As usual,…

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