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The value of trade union facility time

28 Jun 2012, By

Facility time is time off from an individual’s job, granted by the employer, to enable a trade union rep to carry out their trade union role.  It is common practice in both the private and public sector, endorsed by law and statutory guidance and widely accepted by employers as a sensible way of facilitating engagement…

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Show solidarity with Spanish strikers

21 Jun 2012, By

The TUC General Council meeting on Wednesday sent a message of solidarity with striking Spanish miners, and now, thanks to the new Global Union Federation IndustriALL and LabourStart, you can send a solidarity message too.

Do football unions transcend national borders?

19 Jun 2012, By

As the Euro’s pass the halfway stage, you could be forgiven for thinking that the game is still based on nationalism, the flag, my country right or wrong. So it’s worth highlighting the commitment to international solidarity of the workers you’re watching on the telly, and the actions of their unions in defending the principle…

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Latest Iranian crackdown: action you can take

18 Jun 2012, By

Last Friday, at lunchtime, 60 Iranian trade unionists were rounded up and arrested in the city of Karaj, the fifth largest city in Iran and just 20km from the capital. Most were members of the Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers’ Organisations, including long time labour activist Mahmoud Salehi. By Saturday afternoon, most had been…

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Tunisian unions attacked by radical Islamists

12 Jun 2012, By

You may have seen reports of rioting by Salafi Islamists in Tunisia recently, attributed by the BBC and others to protests over an art exhibition. But it’s way more serious than that, with a series of attacks on regional offices of the Tunisian trade union movement, the UGTT, as well as some official buildings and…

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Why we care about violations of union rights in other countries

07 Jun 2012, By

Every year the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) publishes a sadly huge report setting out violations of trade union rights around the world. So this week is as good a time as any to remember why trade unionists are so concerned about attacks on their fellow worker representatives in other countries. This year the repression…

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Learning from Grassroots

06 Jun 2012, By Guest

For the last few weeks I’ve blogged here about the role of grassroots organising in mounting successful campaigns and in prioritising building activism within a campaign in the run up to our Grassroots conference at the end of May.  As we often say on this site, there is no silver bullet in the work that…

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