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Show solidarity with Spanish strikers

21 Jun 2012, By

Marcha Del Carbon: Photo IndustriAllThe TUC General Council meeting on Wednesday sent a message of solidarity with striking Spanish miners, and now, thanks to the new Global Union Federation IndustriALL and LabourStart, you can send a solidarity message too.

Ten thousand miners in Asturias in Spain are on strike to defend 30,000 jobs in the industry which the CCOO and UGT union federations say will be lost if the Spanish government cuts subsidies.

In response to Government refusals to negotiate for over a month, a group of miners has now mounted a sit-in 600 metres underground. The strike has also involved road blockages, conflict between police and strikers and mass demonstrations. On Monday 18 June, 50,000 people joined a march in Langreo, a town dependent on coal.