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Union struggles in Iran continue

30 Jul 2012, By

Despite continued harassment and violence, independent trade unionism keeps popping up in Iran. This month, there were strikes among cement workers in Isfahan and call centre staff in Shiraz. And we continue to highlight the plight of jailed trade unionists from the transport and food sectors, such as Ali Nejati of the Haft Tapeh Sugar…

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The alternative opening ceremony

27 Jul 2012, By

I gave a version of this speech at the Playfair2012 alternative opening ceremony party in Shoreditch tonight, organised by Philosophy Football. Welcome to the alternative opening ceremony from the Playfair2012 campaign and the Trades Union Congress. We represent people at work in Britain, but we’re also part of a global workers’ movement. The Olympic Movement…

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Become an Academy Organiser!

27 Jul 2012, By Guest

Are you interested in campaigns?  Have experience of working on them in workplaces or in a community setting?  Want to learn more about campaigning while getting practical experience? Then why not consider applying for a place as a Trainee Organiser at the Organising Academy?

Social dialogue: A better way to respond to the crisis?

26 Jul 2012, By Guest

As a number of EU countries drive through ever more severe austerity measures the pressure is growing for governments to adopt alternatives. One such alternative is social dialogue. This is one of the cornerstones of social Europe and involves employers, workers and their unions (and, in tripartite structures, also public authorities) in discussions and negotiations…

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Solidarity with Italian unions over pensions

25 Jul 2012, By

The three main Italian trade union confederations (CGIL, CISL and UIL) are demonstrating in Rome tomorrow, Thursday, in defence of nearly a third of a million people who have been hit by a particularly pernicious effect of the economic crisis. Knowing that they would be retiring within two years anyway, this group of 63 and 64-year…

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Cyber activism or digital friends?

17 Jul 2012, By

New digital technologies are opening up different ways for supporters to join and affiliate with parties and other political organizations. This is occurring in two main ways: 1) through ‘purpose built’ hub sites developed by organisations through which they can recruit volunteers and support and individuals sign up with an email address 2) through the…

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