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TPA take a pop at union reps… again

07 Sep 2012, By

Paul and Matthew Sinclair on the Daily Politics

What are the big financial pressures and issues facing the public sector today? Is it the unprecedented programme of public sector cuts being driven through by the coalition government? Is it the hundreds of millions of pounds fuelling shareholder dividends rather than delivering quality public services? Is it perhaps the PFI chickens coming home to roost – with the tax-payer having to foot the bill for facilities they have already paid for many times over? Or maybe its the brewing storm that is likely break as Michael Gove’s charge to Academise and ‘free’ our schools results in more and more cases of corruption and financial abuse?

If you are the ‘Tax-Payer’s Alliance’ (sic)  the answer is ‘none of the above’.

Instead the biggest problem facing Britain’s public services are in fact – you’ve guessed it –  trade unions, and more particularly those pesky union reps who do all those tiresome and unimportant things like ensuring people get fair representation, equality proofing pay systems, making sure workplaces are safe and healthy, and helping their colleagues get access to new skills and qualifications.

If I sound somewhat cynical and world weary about all this….please forgive me, I am.

Today saw the 7th press release  in 12 months about trade unions from the TPA (who are of course, NOT an alliance of ordinary tax-payers but a opaquely funded right-wing ginger group). And earlier today I also had the pleasure of debating the issue with Matthew Sinclair of the TPA on the ‘Daily Politics’.

Being honest of course, we all know this isn’t really a debate about the legal framework for trade union facility time – its simply a pre-Congress opportunity for the TPA to get in some opportunistic union bashing. For the full facts about facility time, here’s a briefing the TUC produced in January 2012.

Of course its worth noting that  the largest, most representative organisation of tax-payers in the UK is actually the trade union movement – 6 million working people, the overwhelming majority of whom actually do pay their taxes, in full, week after week, month after month. Can the TPA make the same claim about all of  its ‘supporters’?





One Response to TPA take a pop at union reps… again

  1. William Mc Neill
    Sep 9th 2012, 11:28 pm

    I also watched Mathew Sinclair on the Daily Politics taking a pop at Union Reps. What I would like to know is who funds Mathew Sinclair and what wonderful job does he do to protect workers rights? I would hazard a guess he is not interested in workers rights only his own and his rich cronies, certainly not ordinary taxpayers as the only ones that do this are the Trade Unions, not the Labour Party who we so blindly follow in the hope that they will reverse the obscene policies of successive Tory governments, did they give back to the Unions and workers the rights taken away by the Thatcher Government? NO !!! Will they if they are re-elected again NO !!. It`s time that ordinary people stood up and took this country back from these elite few that only look after themselves and their cronies. But fear not , as Karl Marx said in time capitalism will destroy itself, and that day can`t come quick enough. Give the wealth to the people who produce it, the ordinary worker.