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#Oct20 – I’m marching for young people

15 Oct 2012, By

My name is Sara Barnicoat and I am a member of the Communication Workers Union and currently am the South West Regional Youth Secretary.  Why am I marching on 20 October?

The reason I feel it is vital to march is to show the government what a mess they are making of our society, especially for our young people.

I believe the message will be amplified with the more people that attend, thus making it necessary for my presence. This government has made this country bleak for young people by diminishing our hopes of building a future for ourselves and they need to recognise the urgency for change for the future of the people.

Their slogan ‘in it together’ stands no meaning when small social groups are being attacked, such as young people, pensioners, working class, etc. The march will illustrate that we are in it together, resisting against the government’s view and that they need to change. The more people who stand together will make the message stronger.

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