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#oct20: I’m marching for a rethink of priorities

16 Oct 2012, By

My name is Dan Carrier, I am a NUJ rep and I’m marching on October the 20th because I believe that we as a society need to fundamentally re-think our principles and priorities.


The crash of 2008 was an accident waiting to happen, a damning indictment of an economic model that is based on selfishness and greed, and not solidarity, companionship, co-operation and mutual help.

I want to live in a society where the highest aims of the most successful isn’t to be as wealthy as possible, but to be judged on how we use our talents for the good of all: a society where paying tax isn’t to be avoided but to be celebrated as a way of making the world a nicer place; a society where all war is seen as civil war, all fighting fraticide; a society where the young are given the tools to fulfil their potential, and older people are treated with respect and their contribution through their lives is both celebrated and honoured by allowing them dignity and security. I want to live in a society where we respect our environment and stop poisoning our world for profit. I want to live in  society where those who are ill are helped, and no one makes a profit out of others misfortune. 

That is why I am marching on October 20th. 
Dan Carrier