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#Oct20 – I’m marching for our rights

17 Oct 2012, By

My name is Mhairi Threlfall and I live in the South West.  I am a member of UNISON‘s National Young Members Forum.  I am marching on 20 October for Future that Works.

At the Tory conference, George Osborne appealed to the workers of the land to stand up and fight…to give away their rights! What is worrying is that outside my close group of friends, some people (many employers) believe that exchanging unfair dismissal, redundancy and training for a share in a business is an incentive! This is just another example of why I have been motivated to march on the 20th October.

We fought to get these rights and we won. We fought to give women the right to maternity leave. We won. We fought for a minimum wage. We won. We now face a particularly difficult fight against a narrative. The fight against austerity. The Tories have been controlling the narrative by claiming we’ve “maxed out our credit cards” despite the fact our deficit has increase whilst they’ve been in power. And there are fewer jobs, and fewer secure jobs for young people.

I’m marching in solidarity with my peers to raise awareness about the effects the cuts are having on the frontline- on public sector working conditions, on job security and on young people. Youth unemployment and youth homelessness are both on the rise and as an Under 27 member of Unison, I feel it is my duty to speak up for those being victimised by this Government.

I’m marching on the 20th October 2012 for all of these reasons. Are you? Lets stand up and give Osborne a share…of our minds! For I want a Future that Works!

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One Response to #Oct20 – I’m marching for our rights

  1. F.Gonçalves da Silva
    Oct 18th 2012, 1:42 am

    We are persuading the LUSOPHONE & HISPÂNIC COMMUNITIES to join and to participate in this “MANIFESTATION” because to be silent is not the best option to fight for our rights! To fight now is to prepare the way for the future generations! What’ts going on the many European Countries about the austerity? The solution is to stand up and fight with tooth and nail marching to the trenches in order to gain a VICTORY!