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#Oct20 – I’m marching for a better economy

17 Oct 2012, By

My name is Ele Wade and I am a member and union rep for Prospect.  I think it is important to march on 20 October.

I will be marching because I believe the coalition’s austerity policies are counterproductive, reducing support for innovation and taking money out of the economy. I’m a Patent Examiner at the Intellectual Property Office, the IPO supports innovation to provide a firm foundation for British business.  Without strong support for innovation the economy cannot grow.   

The IPO is a profitable trading fund which takes no money from the tax payer, it should be investing its money in staff and resources to support industry and help kick start the economy.  Instead, central civil service restrictions on pay and spending have left the IPO with an inequitable pay system which is making it hard for it to recruit and retain scientists and engineers.

Newport, South Wales, where the IPO is based, has been hit hard by the recession, many large retailers have deserted the city centre leaving smaller local retailers struggling to attract enough shoppers to keep afloat. Newport is in a cycle of decline, public sector cuts and pay freezes have taken money directly out of the local economy where it is badly needed. Austerity isn’t working, we need a new approach to turn the economy around before it’s too late.

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