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#Oct20: solidarity from around Europe

19 Oct 2012, By

On top of the messages I’ve already posted from Greece, we’ve received other messages from trade unionists in the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. And we’ve had some fabulous messages from Latin America, Africa and Asia which we’ll post later tonight.

The CGT in France, who are sending representatives to tomorrow’s march (so are the Belgians and Portuguese, along with ETUC General Secretary Bernadette Segol, and we know there will be others from around Europe there), said:

“Why are we, the General Confederation of Labour (CGT) of France marching in solidarity with you on 20 October?  Because we also think that austerity isn’t working! Because in France and all over Europe we’re facing the same problems, cuts and austerity policies.”

And Czech trade union leader Jaroslav Zavadil added:

“Your demands – the necessity of alternative policies that promote creation of jobs, especially for young people, reverse the austerity measures and build an economy that works for ordinary families – are also demands of our campaigns against our anti-social government.”

The Czechs held regional elections on Sunday which resulted in a crushing blow for the party that is currently in government. Of 13 regions contested, the opposition social democrats won 9 and the communists, who haven’t won anything in the country since it was created after the fall of the Berlin Wall, won 2!