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#Oct20: Solidarity from Greece

19 Oct 2012, By

Among many messages of international solidarity for our march for a future that works (we’ll post more later today and tomorrow), two from Greece stand out. The first is from the TUC’s equivalent in Greece, the national trade union confederation for private sector workers GSEE, whose President and General Secretary wrote to the TUC about the common struggle we are engaged in. The second is from a Greek journalists’ union twinned with the NUJ.

“On behalf of the GSEE and Greek workers, we convey our full solidarity and support for the TUC march and rally organized on 20 October to protest the dangerous and damaging austerity programme of the UK government.  Workers and citizens throughout Europe, not only in the south, now feel the dire effects of austerity policies on their lives.

“We join our voice with you in firm opposition to policies of successive budget and social spending slashes, wage and pension cuts and tax hikes that have demonstrably failed to deliver growth and jobs. On the contrary, austerity refuels a recessionary vicious circle that devastates economies the people, as the case of Greece amply demonstrates.

“Instead of giving tax breaks to big businesses and the wealthy, the UK government should change course opting for job creation, especially for young people, and encourage productive investment in the economy.  We wholeheartedly wish you success in your rally on 20 October, and we stand by you in your struggles ‘for a future that works’.”

Yannis Panagopoulos, President and Nikolaos Kioutsoukis, General Secretary

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