From the TUC

My message to the Italian unions demonstrating today

20 Oct 2012, By

The TUC isn’t the only trade union movement protesting today. As well as colleagues in Glasgow and Belfast, there’s going to be a huge demonstration in Rome, too – also against austerity, and in particular focusing on youth unemployment. We’re not swapping speakers like some Live Aid gig, but CGIL General Secretary Susanna Camusso has sent us a video message we’re playing at our rally in Hyde Park, and I was asked to send a message from the TUC which they’ll show on the screens in Piazza San Giovanni. Here it is, in Italian (the English translation appears below!)

Cari compagni

In Italia, in Inghilterra, ovunque in Europa la disoccupazione e le ineguaglianze crescono.

L’austerita non funziona. La gente soffre. I giovani sono lasciati indietro. Basta!

Abbiamo bisogno di un’aleternativa. Abbiamo bisogno di una crescita sostenibile, condivisa piú equalmente. Abbiamo bisogno di rispetto per la gente comune.

Oggi manifestiamo a Londra per un futuro che funzioni. Voi manifestate a Roma per mettere il lavoro prima di tutto.

Come sindacati europei , dobbiamo fare campagna per il cambiamento e per la scelta.

Solidarietá, oggi e sempre!

Dear comrades

In Italy, in Britain, all over Europe, unemployment and inequality are growing.

Austerity isn’t working. People are suffering. Young people are being left behind. Enough!

We need an alternative. We need green growth, shared more equally. We need respect for ordinary people.

Today, we are marching in London for a future that works. You are marching in Rome to put jobs first.

As fellow members of Europe’s trade unions, we must campaign for change and for choice.

Solidarity, today and always!