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#Oct20 – ETUC support for a future that works

20 Oct 2012, By

The TUC’s demonstration for a future that works on 20 October is part of action all over Europe against austerity, and to mark that, European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) President Ignacio Fernandez Toxo – who leads the CCOO union confederation in Spain – has sent us the following message:

“After four years of crisis in the European Union, it is now clear that the policies that are being used are not working. Austerity, whose only aim is the control of public deficit and the reduction of debt is condemning millions of European workers to unemployment and precarious work.

“In most of the EU’s member states poverty is on the rise. Its victims are mostly young people: men and women under 30 who, in the case of Spain, suffer under unemployment rates of 53%.

“They demand from the governments and from the European institutions a different way of facing the economic crisis, and different policies which should not only give hope for a recovery of the economy but also hope for the future of the majority of the population and of the European youth.”

Ignacio wrote for the TUC Touchstone blog earlier this week about why European leaders should change course, and ETUC General Secretary Bernadette Segol, who addressed Congress last month, will be marching with the TUC on Saturday in London.