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How union rights in Bangladesh could have saved lives

30 Nov 2012, By

A lot has now been written about the horrific fire at Tazreen Fashions in Dhaka, Bangladesh, that killed over a hundred textile workers last Saturday. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the people who were murdered by their employer in the name of cheaper clothes and higher profits, and the last…

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Act now against Fijian dictatorship

24 Nov 2012, By

Fiji’s military dictatorship is desperate for international recognition despite its undemocratic rule and the repression and harassment meted out to trade unions and others for the last six years. It’s been suspended from the Commonwealth and the Pacific Islands Forum, and the EU has suspended aid to Fiji. So it’s no surprise they want their Prime Minister to…

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Striking in Britain for union rights worldwide

19 Nov 2012, By

We don’t usually cover individual strikes on Stronger Unions unless they’re about union rights – as opposed to terms and conditions – but tomorrow two groups of workers will take action that has much wider implications than the specific issues in dispute. Unite members at Amnesty International UK, and at the International Secretariat nearby, are on strike…

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ETUC day of action: busman’s holiday?

15 Nov 2012, By

A busman’s holiday comes from the 1890s when bus drivers had to get on a bus to go on holiday. It’s come to mean anyone doing the sort of work they’re usually paid for when they’re on leave, and we’ve come across a great example from today’s Europe-wide day of action against austerity. USDAW official…

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ETUC day of action against austerity

14 Nov 2012, By

British trade unionists have been in action in Brussels (see picture) and Paris, as well as in London today, protesting about austerity and demanding a change of course that would create jobs, bring back growth and heal Europe’s social divisions. Our demonstrations on 20 October were the precursor to action all over Europe, called by…

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