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Infographic: Why postcode pay doesn’t add up

30 Nov 2012, By

Infographic explaining the argument against regional pay

In his 2011 Autumn Statement George Osborne made the case for introducing ‘market-facing’ pay into the public sector. Breaking up fair, transparent national pay arrangements would result in local or regional pay. This would mean different rates for people with the same skill, same experience and doing exactly the same jobs, just because of where they live.

Since then the Pay Fair campaign has been highlighting the implications and consequences of such a policy. We believe it is unfair, bad for the economy, isn’t backed up by the evidence, isn’t what the private sector does, would be impractical and is unpopular. We’ve made this infographic to explain the reasons why regional pay doesn’t add up.

You can also download a larger version  (jpeg file, 1.5MB)