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Celebrate Your Postal Workers

13 Dec 2012, By

Poster for CWU Postal Workers Day - 17 Dec 2012

You can download posters for the Postal Workers Day from CWU’s website

In Scunthorpe postman Dave Shipman saved a family-of-five’s house from burning down when he heard a smoke alarm while out on his round.

In County Durham postwoman Mandy Joyce summoned up strength she didn’t know she had to push away a car that was crushing an 82-year-old grandmother. When the old lady left for hospital in an ambulance Mandy calmly finished her round.

Britain’s local papers are full of such stories – about postal workers embedded at the heart of their communities. That’s why, earlier this year, residents of villages near Llanelli started a campaign to stop their postman being transferred elsewhere. They felt reassured that a local postman, who everybody knew, was a point of daily contact who provided a lifeline for the elderly and isolated.

And that’s why the Communication Workers Union – with Royal Mail being supportive – has declared Monday 17th December as the first Postal Workers Day.

We hope people across the UK will thank their postman or woman for the work they do and celebrate the hard work that goes on all year round to bring letters and parcels to all our doors.

Six days a week, 52 weeks a year, in heat waves, floods, and blizzards the UK’s postal workers are out on their walks, on the road, and in mail centres playing their part in ensuring that this vital public service delivers to everyone, everywhere. Hundreds of thousands of women and men are involved in collecting, sorting and delivering letters, parcels and packets.

Postal Workers Day celebrates these people, reminds the nation of the value of the service they provide and the sheer hard work that that so many people put in to sustain it.

130 million items are expected to be in the Royal Mail system alone on 17 December – one of the busiest days of the year. Postal workers for all companies are inundated with Christmas cards and presents – including parcels ordered on the internet in various shapes and sizes.

The post is for life, not just for Christmas.

We all rely on the post in some way.

Please help the CWU celebrate the great work of postal workers and support our campaign to protect the universal service – which guarantees the same price for mail to anywhere in the UK.

We need to stop unfair competition – which disadvantages Royal Mail – and to insist on a living wage for all postal workers.