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History repeating: ‘Ideology first, people second’

28 Jan 2013, By

It is worth a short reprise of last week’s verdict on the government’s strategy: GDP down by 0.3% in 2012, still lower than 2008; manufacturing down 1.5% and services flat; the only positive boost coming from a fortunately timed Olympic games. The coalition government founded on the need to turn around the economy, is failing…

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Austerity hits US unions and working people

27 Jan 2013, By

The latest figures for US trade union membership tell two stories. One is the story of the effect of austerity on trade union membership levels; but the deeper story is about how austerity hits jobs and living standards. The two are inexorably linked. AFLCIO President Rich Trumka said of the latest statistics: “Working women and…

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Unions in Europe, then and now: The ETUC at 40

26 Jan 2013, By

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is holding a major conference on Monday to mark its 40th anniversary. Peter Coldrick, for many years an ETUC Confederal Secretary before returning to the TUC as our Brussels officer, will be part of the TUC delegation to Madrid as his father, Percy Coldrick, then TSSA General Secretary, was on the TUC delegation…

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Playing bigger than you are: Lessons from US organising

25 Jan 2013, By

I’m so excited to be doing my first international book tour, bringing my new book, Playing Bigger Than You Are: An Organizer’s Life, to Britain, and working to deliver training for the TUC’s Organising Academy. The book is all about the 40 years I’ve spent as a community and union organizer in America, mostly in the…

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Add your name for the Shrewsbury 24

23 Jan 2013, By

The TUC gives its full backing to the Shrewsbury 24 campaign in its quest to right a 40-year-old wrong which – alongside the ban imposed on unions at GCHQ in the 1980s – rates as one of the worst attacks on organised workers’ rights in British history. We won’t rest until justice is done. In…

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Working time: the week’s battleground

18 Jan 2013, By Guest

Even though David Cameron had to cancel his controversial speech on how he intends to lead the UK sleepwalking to the EU exit door, the Tory ‘Fresh Start Group’ nailed its colours to the mast by naming two important pieces of employment protection it wants to scrap – the Working Time Regulations and the Temporary…

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Fiji: when you didn’t think it could get worse…

16 Jan 2013, By

I’ve already blogged about how Fiji’s military dictatorship was forced to appoint a Constitutional Review Commission, but then didn’t like its draft constitution, seizing and burning all the copies before deciding to write its own version. Partly in response, the Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC), working with others, agreed to set up its own political party…

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