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DWP on safety: Spinning out of Control

26 Jun 2013, By

There has been a very worrying trend in recent years. When the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has a new initiative, rather than them announcing it, it is now done via a press release from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) along with comments from the Minister. Nothing wrong with that you might think.…

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Union water campaign’s first victory

25 Jun 2013, By

Union campaigning works. Just over a fortnight ago, we urged you to join the Right2Water campaign run by the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU), with the backing of UK water unions. The Right2Water European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) petition aims to promote the human right to access to water and sanitation, in particular through public provision. It is…

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Today is world public services day: sign the tax pledge!

23 Jun 2013, By

This year’s World Public Services Day (23 June) has been devoted by the global Public Services International (PSI) to the increasingly salient issue of tax, and in particular, the need for the rich to pay more. A ‘Fair Share Commitment’ has been launched today, signed by over 200 unions, NGOs, faith and community groups around the world,…

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Turkey’s Taksim spirit goes global

20 Jun 2013, By

Tomorrow afternoon, before the Turkish Embassy in London closes at 4pm, we’ll be demonstrating in solidarity with Turkish trade unionists and the other occupants of Taksim Square. A coalition of British trade unions, global unions and Turkish community groups will protest at the savage repression taking place in Istanbul. We will be joining other events  in Australia,…

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Finns behaving badly, down Mexico way

19 Jun 2013, By Guest

Unite Assistant General Secretary Tony Burke reports on further evidence that European companies behave badly when they’re operating outside the EU, especially in Mexico. The Finnish multi-national auto parts company PKC are the epitome of a company who can be rightly accused of bad corporate behaviour. As a Finnish company they have to behave properly…

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Take action this Friday in solidarity with Turkish unions

19 Jun 2013, By

The TUC is joining with global union federations, UK unions and Turkish community activists this Friday afternoon to express our solidarity with the people of Turkey. We will be gathering outside the Turkish Embassy in Belgrave Square in Knightsbridge from 3pm onwards, and if you are able, we would be glad to see you there!…

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