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Scandal revealed: union leaders run union G20 body

07 Aug 2013, By

Bone-headed Australian online news group Faxts Media has uncovered a dastardly pro-union plot by the Labor Government.

In the run up to the 2014 Australian G20, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced the appointment of a 25-strong L20 advisory committee to oversee the work of the L20 (bringing together the trade union movements of the G20 countries to work with the employers’ B20 and the governmental G20.) And – horrors! – it’s stuffed full of Australian trade union leaders.

Clearly, the article rails, this is payback for Rudd’s union friends (the ones who pretty much unanimously ditched him in 2010 to back Julia Gillard’s coup, and pretty much unanimously opposed his counter-coup a few weeks ago to take the PM’s job back.) Except of course it’s nothing of the kind: it exactly mirrors the 25-strong B20 advisory committee announced earlier this year which consists entirely of … employers!

Cack-handed, incompetent right-wing bias is not unknown on the web. But even so, this is a new low in failing to check the facts. Who do they think should co-ordinate union input to the G20? Did they protest when the B20 advisory committee was announced, packed full of bourgeois running dogs of capitalism? (Go on, guess.)

The piece’s mercifully un-named author appears to think that the union leaders appointed to the L20 advisory committee will all be off to St Petersburg for the Russian G20 leaders’ summit next month (as if they’d all be out of the country just days before the General Election on 7 September!) when in reality they’ll be lucky if all of them are invited to the Australian G20 summit in Brisbane. And there’s a strong implication that these appointments are remunerated – as if!

Both assumptions say far more about the values of the hacks who have made the allegations (ie that no one does anything without demanding a pay-off) than they do about the morals of the Labor politicians and the union and business leaders involved.

I’d say “you couldn’t make it up.” But the appropriately mid-named Faxts Media already have.