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Starting a campaign: Resources

12 Sep 2013, By Guest

So, we have our goals in place.  We know what we want to achieve and the milestones needed to achieve it.  What next?

It’s time for campaigners to look at what resources we have at our disposal to make the goal the reality.

Firstly identify what ‘on balance’ resources that the campaign has.  These are the resources that you have on paper such as money, staff, and facilities.  Make the list about the reality of what you have, not what you think you may have or could have.  Next identify what ‘off balance’ resources the campaign has.  This is often under looked in discussions about campaigns resources and includes the activists we work with and the work that they generate, the reputation of our organisation and the understanding of our issue by those outside the campaign.

Now we have our list of the resources at our disposal, it is time to think about what resources are going to be needed in order to achieve the goals that have been set.  Where are your gaps?  Do you have enough staff, facilities or money?  Are there enough volunteers/activists?

Secondly, how do you want your organisation to grow and how will the campaign help towards that aim?  Consider specifically:

  • how it can develop staff and expand leadership
  • build a membership base
  • reach out to new organisations
  • possibly influence the public discourse
  • generate funds for future work

Lastly bring all of these elements together and identify what problems you will have internally and how you can mitigate for this in order for the campaign to succeed.

The resources element is something that you will keep coming back to and amending as you develop your plan.  Don’t see it as a one off activity but a guide.  At points throughout the campaign planning and campaign itself take time to review and amend as necessary.

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