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BECTU members campaign on zero hours at Curzon Cinemas

05 Nov 2013, By

Over the last few months entertainment union BECTU has been supporting workers at Curzon Cinemas in their fight for union recognition, reintroduction of ticket concessions for cinema goers, secure contracts and payment of the London Living Wage.

Curzon Cinemas promotes itself as a leading arthouse cinema chain which prides itself on the quality of its cinemas, its ideas and the films it shows. However they’re letting themselves down when it comes to how they treat their staff. Use of zero hour contracts is widespread, meaning staff have no security or protection and they pay barely above the National Minimum Wage.

Paying the London Living Wage – currently £8.80 – and giving staff more security in the hours they can expect to be working from week to week, by ditching zero hours contracts, would make a huge difference to their standard of living and security.

Staff are also worried the cinemas could lose their inclusive ethos for customers too, after concessionary tickets for senior citizens and students were recently discontinued by the company. We’re calling on the company to negotiate with the workers and BECTU, to discuss the problems at Curzon.

We have had help from comedian and political activist Mark Thomas which has seen the worlds first in-cinema day-glo protest in support of cinema workers’ concerns. Here is a great video of the event that has been put together by Rikki from Indymedia and is well worth a watch:

We Need Your Help

Curzon staff aren’t calling for people to boycott the cinema – they’d much rather see the problems fixed and for staff to continue working in a business and an industry that many are passionate about. However, without a commitment to negotiate, we need help to shame and embarrass Curzon into doing the right thing.

Please sign the online petition and forward the link to as many people as possible:

We are also taking action on 15th November by blocking communication at Curzon Cinema Head Office. For the latest info on the campaign follow us on Twitter @bectu_ym and @CurzonWorkers

GUEST POST: Samuel Smith is a trade union activist and chairs media and entertainment union BECTU’s Young Members Forum. He works at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden as a stage technician & BECTU branch rep.