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Victory on “Risk of Over-compliance”.

22 Nov 2013, By

Earlier this week the TUC complained about a press release issued by the HSE saying that the new  Approved Code of Practice on Workplace Health Safety and Welfare had been reviewed “to make it easier for employers, building owners, landlords and managing agents to understand and meet their legal obligations and so reduce the risks of over compliance.”

This was a disgrace and was akin to telling employers that they must not go beyond the absolute legal minimum in providing things like office space, toilet facilities and all the other things covered by the Regulations.

Well – good news! The HSE to their credit seem to have accepted that this was a mistake and have removed the offending phrase. This is welcome and we thank the HSE for listening but it is worrying that they have to operate in a climate where it was ever thought appropriate to come up with nonsense like that and I hope that they will be more willing to actually encourage employers to go beyond compliance and promote good practice. That after all is what good health and safety is all about.

One Response to Victory on “Risk of Over-compliance”.

  1. Brenda Leyland
    Nov 23rd 2013, 10:14 am

    I too was absolutely stunned at the HSE’s press release regarding the ‘Approved Code of Practice’ on workplace Health, Safety & Welfare. I am a Union Health & Safety Rep/Branch Officer & constantly battling with my Manager/s, within the NHS and am constantly having to remind them of their duty of care to employees & to comply with this code, however this has had a detrimental effect in my workplace as they will only do/provide the bare minimum of safety requirements in our office and only then when I point things out to them. which I believe is due to this press release!

    I therefore don’t believe they’ve gone far enough to just remove the ‘offending phrase’ they now need to put out another press release and possibly a ‘Campaign’ to get the message across to employers that it is better to be ‘safe than sorry’ and you can NEVER be too safe!!!