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Justice for victims of Bangladesh textile disasters

30 Dec 2013, By

The Bangladesh ready-made garment factory disasters at Tazreen in November 2012 and Rana Plaza in April 2013 finally pushed the issue of global supply chains onto front pages and our TV screens. For much of this year, the TUC has been campaigning with global and Bangladeshi unions and campaign groups to get transnational companies and…

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Korean railway dispute escalates into General Strike this Saturday

26 Dec 2013, By

UPDATE: The General Strike today saw more than a hundred thousand demonstrating in South Korean capital Seoul, but an almost total news blackout from western and global media. Meanwhile, KORAIL management threatened striking railway workers with dismissal if they do not return to work. The Korean railway strike Rosa reported on just before Christmas has…

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Anti-strike Decree undermines Fiji’s kitemarks

24 Dec 2013, By

The military dictatorship that runs Fiji has responded to the prospect of a strike over pay in the wood chip industry by reclassifying it – as well as public services like local government, fire and the airports – under the Essential National Industries Decree (ENID), preventing unions from representing their members in the industry. That…

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Support Korean striking railway workers facing crackdown

23 Dec 2013, By

This Christmas will see Korean workers on the barricades.  The Korean government escalated its crackdown against striking members of the Korean Railway Workers Union (KRWU) this weekend, with police raiding KRWU’s offices and arresting over 100 workers. In response the KCTU union federation to which KRWU belongs has called a general strike which could lead…

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International migrants day: ETUC calls for a human rights approach to EU policy

18 Dec 2013, By

On the occasion of international migrants day, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is calling on the European Commission and member states to change their selective and circular migration policy towards one based on human rights, equal treatment and the full integration of third country nationals. The ETUC pledges to continue fighting for migrant workers’…

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TUC Youth Campaign Award

16 Dec 2013, By

This year, during its first ever Young Workers Month in March 2014 the TUC Young Workers Forum will be presenting the inaugural TUC Youth Campaign Award. The purpose of the Award is to celebrate innovative and effective campaigning by young trade unionists in the UK.