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TUC Youth Campaign Award

16 Dec 2013, By

This year, during its first ever Young Workers Month in March 2014 the TUC Young Workers Forum will be presenting the inaugural TUC Youth Campaign Award.

The purpose of the Award is to celebrate innovative and effective campaigning by young trade unionists in the UK.

Campaigns focusing on industrial and/or wider political issues are eligible for nomination. Nominations can be for individual and/or groups of young workers aged 27 or under.

Nominated campaigns will be judged by a panel consisting of members of the Young Workers Forum, union officers and representatives of other successful campaign organisations, against the following criteria;

  • The campaign demonstrated the use of innovative actions and tactics
  • The campaign successfully mobilised young workers and generated leverage and publicity for the campaign
  • The campaign was successful in generating outcomes in relation to building the strength of the union and/or on the campaign issue.

Nominations forms, which contain additional details of the judging criteria, are available from Carl Roper, TUC National Organiser at [email protected] and 020 7467 1290.

Nominations are restricted to a maximum of two per union, should be signed by the nominating union’s General Secretary and should be submitted to Carl Roper by the closing date of February 28th, 2014.

The Award will be presented in London at the 2014 TUC Young Workers Conference on Saturday March 22nd 2014.