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Women in their 50s have been let down by work

27 Feb 2014, By

More women over the age of fifty are working than ever before but the generation of women who blazed a trail for women’s equality in the workplace are still struggling to get a fair deal. Low pay, discrimination, the pressures of juggling caring responsibilities and paid work, and difficulties accessing training opportunities are all among…

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Amazon need to make work pay before they expand further in UK

26 Feb 2014, By Guest’s refusal to pay its fair share of taxes or to treat its workers properly is giving it an unfair competitive advantage. The high tech way Amazon processes orders and tracks inventory disguises that it is also a traditional labour-intensive mail order retail business. They already operate huge warehouses in Croydon, Doncaster, Dunfermline, Gourock, Hemel…

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Self-employed exemptions – a recipe for confusion

25 Feb 2014, By

As I reported earlier the Government have announced that all self-employed people will be exempt from health and safety laws unless they are on a list of prescribed occupations. This goes far further than even the original proposal, which in itself was going to be confusing and dangerous. The government have now produced a list,…

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Mexican mineworkers’ leader to campaign on mine tragedy

24 Feb 2014, By Guest

The exiled President of the Mexican Mining and Metalworkers Union (Los Mineros) Napoleon Gomez has launched a campaign to bring to the attention of the public the tragic events that happened eight years ago at the Pasta de Conchos mine, taking the lives of 65 miners whose bodies remain unrecovered. Retold in his book Collapse…

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Rana Plaza victims deserve compensation

24 Feb 2014, By

For most of the ten months since the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, the TUC has been campaigning for companies sourcing goods from Bangladesh to sign up to the Accord for Fire and Building Safety, which next week begins its programme of factory inspections. There are still a few companies that haven’t signed up,…

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ACT NOW for the 15 Korean trade union leaders in jail or on bail

21 Feb 2014, By

Next Tuesday, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) has called a “People’s Strike” with a range of civil society organisations protesting at the increasing repression of popular opposition in South Korea. The date is the first anniversary of the inauguration of the government of President Park. But organising protests in Korea is becoming increasingly…

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