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See you in Brussels: demonstrate for a new path for Europe!

02 Feb 2014, By

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is holding a mass demonstration in Brussels on Friday 4 April to call for a new path for Europe to solve the European crisis. We want sustainable growth with good jobs at decent wages, especially for young people. The demonstration comes ahead of the European Parliament elections in May, and the ETUC has launched a manifesto calling for quality jobs, equality and democracy.

The TUC is backing the demonstration and has urged unions to send delegations: think of it as the beginning of your training programme for the next big TUC demo in the autumn! Brussels may seem a long way to travel for a demonstration, but it’s closer to London than Middlesbrough is, and Manchester is just 80 minutes from Brussels by air.

A decent British turnout will show politicians that we want the same things across Europe: decent jobs, not zero hour contracts; quality public services, not more austerity; and rights at work, not the free-for-all of a free market. The TUC will be emphasising that Europe needs a pay rise, with higher minimum wages, an end to public sector wage freezes, and less of a yawning gap between top pay and average pay.

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Let the TUC know what you and your union have got planned, and let’s see a great British turnout in Brussels. Call 4 a new path 4 Europe on 4 April!