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Trade Unions: Resilient and still delivering for workers

29 May 2014, By

Trade Union membership continues to show resilience and there are encouraging signs of a revival of union membership in the private sector, according to the findings of the annual Trade Union Membership Statistical Bulletin which was published yesterday by BIS. According to the report there are now 6.5 million trade union members in the UK…

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Stress at work: “Resilience” gets nastier

23 May 2014, By

Resilience has just got worse. For the past year the TUC has been warning about the new trend to try to introduce “resilience” in the workplace. That means trying to ensure that people are more able to cope with stress rather than trying to remove or reduce it. In other words changing the worker, not…

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Turkish Mining Tragedy

15 May 2014, By

Truly terrible news is coming out of Turkey. Some 245 men are reported to have died with 80 injured after an explosion at a coal mine in Soma, west Turkey, on Tuesday 13 May. Sadly many more are unaccounted for and this figure is likely to rise. As IndustriALL the global union has pointed out:…

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Qatari announcement on World Cup slavery: reform or rebranding?

14 May 2014, By

Today’s announcement by the Qatari Ministry of the Interior contains the dramatic statement that they are “abolishing kafala” – however, it is still hard to tell whether this represents a revolution or a rebranding. Kafala is the name of the sponsorship system whereby migrant workers in Qatar are entirely beholden to their employer. Workers cannot…

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Guatemala: Getting away with murder

09 May 2014, By

In 2007, Marco Tulio Ramirez, a member of the executive of northern Guatemala’s main banana union, was gunned down as he left his house to go to work. Weeks earlier five soldiers had raided union offices and demanded the names of leading activists.

TTIP: US/EU trade talks need to raise, not lower, safety standards

08 May 2014, By

Our government is currently involved through the European Union in negotiating a Free Trade Agreement of unprecedented scale between the US and European Union. This is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). It may sound pretty unexciting but it could have major implications for health and safety regulation and unions throughout Europe need to…

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