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No pay rise is a kick in the teeth for nurses

05 Jun 2014, By

This government doesn’t think nurses and healthcare assistants deserve a pay rise. “We’re all in this together”, they say. But the government’s refusal to give nurses a pay rise doesn’t feel like us joining together to fight the financial crisis – it feels like a kick in the teeth.

This year I’m paying more for travel, more for food and more for electricity, yet I’m struggling to meet these costs already. If I don’t get a pay rise, my salary is, in real terms, cut.

I want to deliver quality patient care and so do my colleagues. I’ve never met a nurse who trained so that they could give patients less than the time they need or less than the care they deserve. But we’re suffering from a severe shortage of nurses, so workloads are going up and goodwill is at breaking point – how can this not have a negative impact on patient care?

As part of the day of action on 5th June, we’re presenting the government with a ‘cheque’ for £1.5 billion – representing all the unpaid overtime delivered by NHS staff each year. We don’t think we’ll get it back, but we want to show that NHS staff go above and beyond what’s required of them every day. We’re not asking for much. We’re asking for our wages to cover our ever increasing bills, we’re asking for the government to value what we do and we’re asking for a salary that will encourage new people into the nursing profession so that we can provide patients with the care they need.

Visit the All Together for the NHS website to follow everything that’s happening on today’s NHS Day of Action.

2 Responses to No pay rise is a kick in the teeth for nurses

  1. luke
    Jun 5th 2014, 6:27 pm

    Like myself i work as a support worker working nights we dont get payed for annual leave even though your not sick and by law your entitiled to a holidays which i do think they should pay you the full wage or if you are sick with a true doctor note for being ill . Theyve changed are contacts to suit there own
    needs of the nhs savings plans so all managers and up off the ward based get more . Worked for fourteen years doing what i do and
    now thinking enough is enough nhs is to stressful theres too many managers n goverment minsters what have change d the way things are run because of higher groverment poloicies and pms what have no idea of of how to run a service for the patients and staffs moral giving care needs

  2. John
    Jun 6th 2014, 2:56 am

    Christine & Luke

    I so so sympathise with your situation. 20 years ago I was the parent of a very severely handicapped child. My wife & I totally realied on GP’s, Several hospitals, Consultants, Nurses, Care Workers, Health visitors, Special Needs education & the Several Charities. There were often though frustrating meetings with the LEA’s & Social Services!!

    To think that Cameron the Prime Minister had a handicapped child, but money & ALL resources were more than immediately available to him. He & many other government ministers had no idea of the real world for ordinary people, but they are ploughing on regardless with their ideological tory policies. I know that the NHS & Social Services are in crisis, but they should grateful for the total commitment of staff & not return them, the millions of people who reply on them (& many other people, e.g. those on Zero hour contracts) to the equivalent of what seems to be 21st century workhouse conditions.

    I live abroad now, I just hope that the opposition can really get their act together & reverse some of the diabolical changes that have taken place for when they need to be elected in 2015! No more looking after the elitest 2.5%.