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World Cup strikers? Not just on the pitch…

08 Jun 2014, By

With just days to go before the Brazilian World Cup kicks off, metro workers in Sao Paolo, the beating heart of the Brazilian labour movement, have struck for higher pay with support from the CUT national union confederation. Increasingly aggressive police tactics have been condemned by the unions as tempers flare.

The metro workers are demanding 10% pay increases – against a pay offer of 8.7% – and point to the vast amounts of money devoted to running the competition. Millions have been spent on the stadiums, while the improvements to Brazil’s transport infrastructure promised when the World Cup was announced have largely been abandoned.

Vagner Freitas, President of CUT, said:

“The claims are just, economically and socially… CUT vehemently repudiates police violence to strike of the São Paulo subway. Police must protect the citizen, the worker and the worker. That’s not what the Shock Troops did today.”

But the metro workers are not alone, with police, bus drivers and airline maintenance staff all taking action or planning it.