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Organising & the World Cup

15 Jul 2014, By Guest

I’m sure that there will be many blog posts around talking about the cabinet reshuffle, this post is actually going to be one of the many on the World Cup.  Organising and the World Cup.  Or rather, how I seem to have ended up organising and running campaigns a bit like the German Football League.

Bear with me on this.

Many people comment on my love of a plan.  It’s true, absolutely I think plans are incredibly important to the success of a campaign.  Understanding where you are, where you want to go and how you are going from point A to B seems to be a fairly common sense approach to any type of work, especially campaigning.  I have blogged about creating plans, and each Organising Academy course, has at some level a discussion on planning work.   There are times when I can be a bit obsessive about this, but I think one of the crucial ways a union can increase capacity is through effective planning.

So, where does this link me with the German FA?

Well, with the recent World Cup win, I have noted discussions on the approach that has been taken on planning and strategy but moreover how this has been translated into building grassroots football.

This spoke to me alot.  It is all very well having ambitious plans and concrete goals but for unions, implementation rests on the activity of members, activists and allies.

Building grassroots activism should be a key organisational component  in any campaign.  Have your goals, design your plan but we need to remember that there needs to be a legacy left after each campaign that is not only about winning outcomes.

On a related topic, but as a slight aside, recently I began to read Ground Wars by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen which discusses how political campaigns work and what it means to be involved in them.  Worth reading or even watching his lecture here.