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VIDEO: Professional Development for union officers

20 Aug 2014, By Guest

Professional development.  Often overlooked due to casework deadlines, campaign actions and the general day to day work of being a union officer. But it is important for union officers to continue professional development as part of building union capacity.

In the nearly fifteen years of being a paid staff member, I have seen a variety of new approaches, techniques and theories on how we can strengthen unions.  There wasn’t John Kelly’s great mobilisation theory to delve into, we didn’t talk about strategic choice and there wasn’t a whole host of literature on framing to examine.  My experience with the Organising Academy as a trainee was one of the best experiences of my life and something that I will be eternally grateful for the union movement for giving me but what the OA looked like then is not the same as what it looks like now.

Our new programme continues in that vein, pushing our understanding on effective unions, and helping us all be the best we can for working people.  Following our survey of union officers, I am excited to be developing three new short courses: Leadership and Management, Developing Reps and Strategic Campaigning.  And I’ve been working with my colleague Lauren Usher to produce our new brochure (which should be ready for mid September) but before that’s released we’ve been working online to release dates and make sign up easier for officers.

Still not sure about whether to apply or what you’ll gain from attending?  Check out some of our cohort talking about their experiences.