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iPhone chip supplier busting unions in Philippines

12 Sep 2014, By Guest

With all the hoopla surrounding Apple’s launch of the new iPhone 6 this week, one story I doubt you’ll read about in the media is that one of Apple’s suppliers is involved in a major union busting campaign in the Philippines.

Apple supplier NXP, based in a special economic zone at Cabuyao near Manila, on 5th May sacked 24 union reps on the trumped up charge of refusing to work on public holidays!

The attack on union rights of members of the MWAP union is in contravention of Apple’s ethical supply chain commitments.

NXP Semi Conductors, a microchip giant is supplying technology for the iPhone. Formerly a part of the Dutch technology firm Philips, the company was sold to a consortium of private equity investors in 2006. Amongst other technologies, they are a market leader in the Near Field Communications (NFC) that enables smartphones to be used for contactless payments and data exchange.

The is just the latest aggressive anti-union intimidation. Other charges include filing ‘unruly behaviour’ and ‘loitering’ charges against union members protesting against the mass sacking of their elected representatives; security guards taking photos and filming union members, (including while they eat their lunch); surveillance cameras installed throughout the plant; and bans on wearing t-shirts or posting messages on social media with slogans supporting the sacked 24.

NXP claims that it is seeking a resolution, the reality is that management at the plant is stepping up efforts to bust the union.

Please take a moment to support the workers by signing their petition.