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Have your say on EU water quality

14 Sep 2014, By

Following up the phenomenally successful Right2Water petition organised by the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU), the Right2Water campaign is now encouraging trade unionists to submit views to the European Commission on water quality.

Nearly 2 million people across Europe signed the Right2Water European Citizens’ Initiative last year, putting public provision of water and sewerage on the Commission agenda. Now we need people to complete and submit a response to the latest consultation, on the EU Drinking Water Directive and “the possible range of actions which could be undertaken in order to improve the supply with high quality drinking water.”

The Commission’s consultation (like the earlier ISDS consultation) is very complicated, but the Right2Water campaign has provided a guide to completing it  – backed by unions in Britain – which allows you to have your say and call for public provision of water services, responsive to local people’s needs rather than run by the market.

The TUC has asked unions to complete the whole survey, but members and their families can also feed in, even if you don’t answer all the questions. We need to register with the European Commission that issues like water and sewerage aren’t technical, experts-only issues, but ones that matter to the whole population.

You have until 23 September to respond, so get typing!