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How the Government buries good news: HSE and Europe

31 Oct 2014, By

Yet another report has been published which praises the effectiveness of the Health and Safety Executive. This time it is over their approach to Europe. It follows the Loftsedt, Temple and Young reviews which all said the HSE was doing a good job. So how come you have not heard of this one? Well, probably…

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VIDEO: Developing Reps

30 Oct 2014, By Guest

Reps are the cornerstone of the trade union movement. So how are the union staff who support them day to day also helping them to develop in their role? Our new TUC Organising Academy Award in Developing Reps seeks to give union staff the techniques and knowledge needed to encourage and develop new and existing…

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Emir of Qatar should be in no doubt on workers’ rights

30 Oct 2014, By

This week the Emir of Qatar has been visiting London. When we got wind of the visit, which we knew would include a meeting with David Cameron in No 10, we wrote to the Prime Minister asking him to raise the issue of workers’ rights, and in particular those of the migrant construction workers dying…

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Thai trials that should never have happened

30 Oct 2014, By

Yesterday morning, I blogged about the fabulous news that the first case against Andy Hall had been thrown out in Thailand. That afternoon I collected Andy’s mum and dad, sister and two nieces from Kings Cross to go see the top diplomat at the Royal Thai Embassy in Kensington, where we met two great activists…

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An early birthday present for Thai labour rights activist Andy Hall

29 Oct 2014, By

Tomorrow is Andy Hall’s 35th birthday. He’ll be back in court on more trumped-up charges prompted by Thai pineapple manufacturing company Natural Fruit. They want to warn off future Andy Hall’s – and the Thai trade union movement – exposing the sort of abuses of workers’ rights that he did in the 2012 Finnwatch report “Cheap…

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What makes a campaign successful?

29 Oct 2014, By Guest

Recently I saw a tweet where a campaign had been hailed as a success despite not having won the objective.  This got me thinking.  What do we class as a successful campaign and how many of our campaign work is ‘successful’?