From the TUC

ACT NOW! The next few days are vital for EU-US trade deal

26 May 2015, By

On Thursday, the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee (known as INTA) will vote on a series of amendments to a draft report on the EU-US trade deal TTIP (the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). The report which INTA produces will then go to the plenary session of the European Parliament starting on 8 June, just the week after next. We’re asking trade unionists to tell MEPs across Britain to vote for a report that puts the public interest ahead of private profit.

The INTA report, drafted by German Socialist MEP Bernd Lange, who chairs the committee, attracted over 900 amendments which have been whittled down to just 57. The TUC and other trade unions around Europe are backing amendments that would reject Investor-State Dispute Settlement, strengthen workers’ rights, protect public services and so on.

There are only 5 British MEPs on INTA, two from Labour, two Conservatives and the Earl of Dartmouth from UKIP, and the Labour MEPs already agree with trade union calls, so we are urging people to write to MEPs ahead of the final plenary vote, when the European Parliament can press the European Commission over these issues. INTA is slightly less fertile ground for the union case than the Parliament as a whole, so there is definitely a need to press British MEPs to vote for people rather than profits.

Get your workmates and friends and families to join you in sending our message to MEPs!