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US fast food workers get a legal boost

28 Aug 2015, By Guest

A ruling this week in the USA by the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has given a boost to unions, and the ‘alt.unions’ who are trying to build union organisation in the US fast food industry. The ruling, in theory, should make it easier for these unions to negotiate on behalf of workers at fast-food…

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What an expert government body says about the Trade Union Bill

28 Aug 2015, By

The government’s Trade Union Bill has taken a bit of a pounding lately. First there were the trade unions themselves, who are uniformly opposed to the bill. Then there was a joint letter from industrial relations academics, who said “the rationale for the bill is perverse.” Last week, we heard that the Regulatory Policy Committee…

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Thailand needs to stop the harassment of workers’ rights advocates

20 Aug 2015, By

The British-born worker and migrant rights defender Andy Hall is due back in court on Monday 24 August, facing criminal defamation charges for exposing the truth about exploitation of migrant Burmese workers in Thailand’s Natural Fruit pineapple factory. Forty-four international and national organisations have sent a further letter to the Prime Minister, demanding that the…

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Iraq’s new labour law: positive but ‘clipped’

19 Aug 2015, By Guest

Iraq has finally issued a labour law that complies with ILO conventions, up to a point. It is a good day for global justice. The law provides legal protection for organised workers in the private and cooperative sector against unethical practices of local and foreign employers. It provides collective bargaining and it provides workers with…

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Taking the fight for workers’ European rights to top bosses

13 Aug 2015, By

Prime Minister David Cameron has revamped his Business Advisory Group, and their first task will be to advise him on his EU renegotiation strategy ahead of the referendum on Britain’s membership. Whilst it is bizarre that there are no representatives of working people on the Group (something most EU member states would consider anathema), TUC…

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