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World Day for Decent Work: end corporate greed!

07 Oct 2015, By

For the eighth year running, today, 7 October has been designated World Day for Decent Work by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), the global trade union confederation to which the TUC belongs.

Our contribution was the TUC national demonstration in Manchester on Sunday, which saw over 60,000 people protest outside the Conservative Party Conference under the banner “No to Austerity, Yes to Workers’ Rights!” Restricting the right to strike will only make it easier for corporate greed to flourish by making it more difficult for unions to fight injustice at work and further austerity will only add to inequality, putting more and more billions into already bulging corporate wallets.

Meanwhile in Germany, our sisters and brothers in the DGB are gearing up for a demonstration in Berlin on Saturday against the new generation of trade deals – such as CETA, TTIP and TiSA – which will entrench mechanisms like Investor State Dispute Settlement which allow corporate greed to be imposed over the will of democratically-elected governments.

And in Brussels, where I am starting the day, the “Capital of Europe” will come to a standstill with a huge demonstration organised by the Belgian trade unions against austerity. Other trade unions across Europe and around the world will be on the streets to make personal contact with rush-hour commuters while others will be holding press conferences, public events and workplace meetings.

The world’s top trade union leader, Sharan Burrow, has issued the following message:

“The global focus this year is on ending corporate greed, eliminating precarious work and formalising informal jobs, as well as living minimum wages. We need to transform the exploitative supply chain model which robs workers while filling the coffers of multinational companies, many of which are culpable of the most egregious exploitation including the use of modern slavery.

“The trade union movement stands with the most exploited and vulnerable in the global economy, and on this day, the World Day for Decent Work, we will show our determination to build a better world for working families and for the generations to come.”