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Free Mahdi Abu Dheeb

08 Oct 2015, By

In May last year I blogged about the disgraceful treatment of trade union activist, Mahdi  Abu Dheeb, by the Bahraini authorities. Sadly the only developments since then have been negative. Mahdi remains in a Bahraini jail but his health continues to deteriorate.

Mahdi suffers from diabetes and hypertension, for which he needs regular medication. He also has severe back pains and sustained a slipped disk after he was tortured by security officials on his arrest in 2011, and kept in solitary confinement for more than two months. As a result, he finds it difficult to walk without support, and sometimes uses a wheelchair.

Mahdi needs medical treatment, including physiotherapy, for his back, neck, hip and knee pain which he has suffered from as a result of his torture. The prison clinic is not able to provide the adequate medical treatment he needs and he has not been allowed to receive this outside of prison since October 2012.

Mahdi’s relatives have been taking his medication to the prison, as the prison doctor instructed them to do, yet since March this year prison officials have refused to accept the medication.

The prison’s refusal to give Mahdi his medication coincided with riots in Jaw prison, where he is detained. During the riots, Mahdi said he was forced to stand for prolonged periods of time, which has worsened his back problems – he now can’t walk without support.

Amnesty International are running a campaign to demand immediate medical treatment for Mahdi and for his release.

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