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Turkish workers under further attacks

22 Apr 2016, By

Sadly and as I have repeatedly reported on in my blogs, Turkish workers, their unions and wider civil society are under constant attack from their ever autocratic government. The latest example of which is the Bill before the Turkish parliament on agency work.

The Bill would give companies the right to use agency work in case of  an “unforeseen increase in business volume of enterprise” or “periodical business increases”. This stipulation is extremely broad and could be widely used by employers to employ workers under insecure short-term contracts in order to circumvent their obligations under labour laws and to prevent the unionisation of their employees. The Bill could lead to millions of Turkish workers being deprived of their employment protections and fundamental rights at work .

Given Turkey has ratified, ILO Convention No. 87 on Freedom of Association, it is obliged to carry out “full and detailed consultations with the appropriate organisations of workers and employers” when introducing legislation affecting collective bargaining or conditions of employment. Far from consulting unions, police violently intervened in a protest against the Bill in Izmir arresting numerous workers and one of their representatives Arif Yildiz.

The TUC has written to the Turkish Ambassador in London pointing out this breach of ILO Convention No. 87 and calling for a release of the workers.

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