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What next after the Brexit vote? Defend workers’ rights

25 Jun 2016, By

Many people are asking what they can do next, after the UK voted by 52% to 48% to leave the European Union. The TUC doesn’t think that we can or should challenge the result of the referendum. We would have rejected the arguments Nigel Farage was clearly building up to when he thought Leave would lose about the extension to the registration period, too. But we face an immediate economic crisis (Britain fell from 5th to 6th in the rankings of world economies overnight as the pound tumbled – replaced with such incredible irony by France) and in the longer term we face an even more right-wing government slavering at the prospect of taking an axe to workers’ rights after negotiating withdrawal from the EU.

I summarised our policies for dealing with the UK’s economic woes on Touchstone on Friday morning, and we are already hard at work developing those policies and building support for them. But we also want to clip the wings of Brexiteers – and others: even Conservatives Remainers have no love for trade union or workers’ rights – who will want to attack workers’ rights as part of the renegotiation process.

So we have launched an e-action at Going to work which calls on MPs to

“Commit publicly that you will not vote for any reduction in British workers’ rights, or restrict their applicability, when interpreting EU law into post-Brexit UK law.”

It’s designed to call MPs out and make sure that those who DO want to cut back on workers’ rights can see there is no majority for it in Parliament. A practical step that will make things better. In its first day, 10 thousand people have signed it, and we want many more so that every MP gets hundreds of messages from their constituents. Please share it with your workmates, friends and family – especially the ones who have a Conservative MP!

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2 Responses to What next after the Brexit vote? Defend workers’ rights

  1. Paul Nicholson
    Jun 26th 2016, 4:44 pm

    Good to see – and I’ve signed the petition. Important that organisations and individuals with shared values support each other to achieve the common goal.
    Paul Nicholson
    Chair BMA Occupational Medicine Committee

  2. Susan Jones
    Jun 26th 2016, 10:15 pm

    For goodness sake, sieze the moment TUC. Don’t take this result lying down.
    If Brexit goes ahead and the nation does not negotiate new decent trade deals the workers are going to be poorly treated .
    Then it will be the same old story as we’ve witnessed post the banking crisis of workers’ rights being gradually eroded. Be happy with zero hours contract and if you don’t like it, tough!!
    So come on TUC do not, do not lie back and let workers be further abused as the new Britain takes up trade deals which lead to even worse workers’ rights outside of the protection of he EU.
    This is your moment to shine and fill that vacuum that is being replaced by UKIP who have so disingenuously manipulated the British worker.