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Chris and zero hours contracts – #heartunions

09 Feb 2017, By

8th – 14th February 2017 is #heartunions week, celebrating the great work unions do, and paying tribute to the reps who are an important part of that. The Unsung Heroes series is running all week, sharing stories from reps and members about how being part of their union has impacted their lives.

Chris is 24 and a member of UNITE. But he’s not only an active union member at his workplace.

“In the hotel where I work, we’re trying to get them to recognise our union. It’s good to be involved, because I know all of us at work will get better job security if the union’s recognised. I’m active in my union outside of the hotel, though.”

He’s been involved in a campaign that shows just how impactful the work of unions can be.

“I’ve been putting a lot of time into the successful Sports Direct shame campaign. We pushed them hard. We were on social media, outside their shops, and our #SportsDirectShame banner traveled the country.

“Because of the campaigning, Sports Direct have dropped zero hours in their shops. There’s a lot more to do, but it shows that unions can make a massive difference. Thanks for our campaign, more people will have guaranteed hours at work – which means guaranteed pay.”

Chris’ is determined to show other young workers the power and importance of unions – and to keep growing and learning.

“Being involved in the union has helped my confidence and has shown me that it’s OK to make mistakes when building campaigns, as you learn from them. It is always important to try new ways of engaging people.

“Campaigns like the one we’ve run are a great way to recruit younger members and show what unions can do to improve their lives. When you’re young, it’s all too easy to get shafted by your boss with low hours, no rights, and no security.”

The big aim for #heartunions week is to encourage more people to join a union. Please share this page with friends, colleagues and neighbours. If we each get one person to join a union this week, we’ll be well on the way to getting a better deal for working people all year round.

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