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1 in 3 experience racism at work after Brexit vote

04 Apr 2017, By

When the topic of Brexit’s effects so far comes up in conversation, it’s hard to not talk about the rise in racist attacks since the EU referendum vote. Racism never went away of course, but the last months seem to have given it a new lease of life.

A major new poll of over 1,000 BAME working adults conducted by the TUC and ICM reveals some shocking results.

Over a third of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people asked had witnessed or experienced racial abuse in the seven months following the referendum vote. 19% had suffered or witnessed a racial assault.

We also found that 38% had seen racist material online and 27% had come across racist graffiti, posters or leaflets.

The poll is part of a major TUC project to combat racism in the workplace and to get the trade union movement to be doing more to support the victims of racism.

The TUC is calling for the government to make some big changes if we are going to see an end to racism in our lifetimes. The government must develop a full race equality strategy, which includes tough action to crack down on harassment and discrimination at work, online and in everyday life.

The government needs to bring in rules about third-party harassment protecting workers who deal with the public as part of their jobs. Shop workers, street cleaners, and bus drivers all need protection.

Employers also need to have a responsibility to call out racist harassment rather than just having tick-box policies which no one seriously implements.

If you have experienced racial harassment or have been mistreated at work then talk to your union representative or join a union. It’s not something anyone should have to deal with, and it’s easier to tackle if we work together.

One Response to 1 in 3 experience racism at work after Brexit vote

  1. Bindi thiara
    Apr 9th 2017, 9:48 pm

    Well, as you express racism never went away, it just needs an excuse to rise, depends also what form it is in!