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Thai Supreme Court win for migrant rights defender Andy Hall doesn’t end legal fight

03 Nov 2016, By

It’s great news that, overnight, Thailand’s Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the Natural Fruit Company against Andy Hall, the British born migrant and workers’ rights defender whose case we’ve been following for years. But Natural Fruit are still pursuing their campaign of judicial harassment and legal intimidation, and are backing other exploitative employers who…

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Thai worker rights activist Andy Hall faces prosecution again

18 Jan 2016, By

Today, British-born workers’ and migrants’ rights activist Andy Hall is back in court facing further charges arising from his work for a Finnish NGO on the abuse of migrant workers in a Thai pineapple canning factory. The actions of the courts, the Thai Attorney-General and the abusive employer concerned clearly amount to judicial harassment, dragging the court…

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European Parliament latest to slam Thailand for harassing Andy Hall

17 Oct 2015, By

UPDATE 19 Oct 2015: the indictment hearing was adjourned again today because papers had not been properly served, and the hearing has been rescheduled for 18 January. Assuming Andy’s persecutors don’t stuff up again! Andy Hall, the British-born, Thailand-based migrant and trade union rights advocate, is back in court on Monday, 19 October. The latest…

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Defending workers’ rights defenders: Andy Hall in Thailand

20 Jul 2015, By

I’ve blogged several times over the years about the harassment of British workers’ rights advocate Andy Hall, who faces a number of charges – some with terrifying jail terms or financial penalties if he’s found guilty – for exposing exploitation of Burmese migrants in the Thai fruit processing industry. The harassment, by a single fruit company whose owner…

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An early birthday present for Thai labour rights activist Andy Hall

29 Oct 2014, By

Tomorrow is Andy Hall’s 35th birthday. He’ll be back in court on more trumped-up charges prompted by Thai pineapple manufacturing company Natural Fruit. They want to warn off future Andy Hall’s – and the Thai trade union movement – exposing the sort of abuses of workers’ rights that he did in the 2012 Finnwatch report “Cheap…

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