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Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga choose a union

16 Dec 2015, By

The first workers at a foreign owned car assembly plant in the southern USA have won collective bargaining rights. It’s the latest stage in the attempt by the mighty UAW, in association with German manufacturing union IG Metall, to spread unionisation from the high density plants of continental Europe to the union-busting states of the…

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Workers get to choose at Chattanooga

15 Jul 2014, By

Hopefully you won’t have forgotten the massive campaign that the US car workers’ union UAW ran earlier this year with German equivalent IG Metall’s support to establish the first ever Works Council in the USA (and the first union recognition deal at a foreign-owned car plant in a right-to-work southern state.) Massive pressure from right-wing…

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UAW just lose ballot at VW Chattanooga

15 Feb 2014, By

I’ve blogged twice this week about the vote at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga plant in Tennessee, over recognising the UAW and setting up a Works Council. This morning we got the disappointing news that the vote was lost by 712-626. The vote was very close – 53% to 47% on a nearly 90% turnout – and it…

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Could the USA’s first Works Council happen in Chattanooga?

09 Feb 2014, By

This week, workers at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, have the chance to create labour movement and industrial relations history by voting to set up the first Works Council in the USA. If they do, it could start a trend towards better workplace relations and union involvement in European subsidiaries across the US which…

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Tennessee Republicans reject management’s right to manage at VW

13 Feb 2014, By

Yes indeed, Tennessee Republicans have insisted that it’s up to them whether workers the Chattanooga Volkswagen plant are represented by a union. Not the VW management, who have stayed studiously neutral (and tried to persuade outsiders to do the same) nor the workers themselves, who began voting on Wednesday about whether to establish the first…

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VW Tennessee plant could decide future of EU-US trade deal

15 Sep 2013, By

Unions in Europe are alternately bemused and ashamed at how companies they work closely with at home behave so badly abroad. Like a happily married corporate executive on a booze and sex-fuelled business trip, European companies in Africa and Asia abuse and harass the very unions they treat with respect back home. And they behave…

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