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Amnesty International calls on Fiji to respect workers’ rights

10 Aug 2014, By

One of the reasons the TUC works so closely with Amnesty International UK – we’re hoping to renew our memorandum of understanding at Congress next month – is because we have a reciprocal interest in each other’s work. Amnesty understands that workers’ rights are human rights, and we understand that if workers’ rights are being abused…

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ILO gets tough with Fiji over workers’ rights while Commonwealth gives in

27 Mar 2014, By

The fortnight-long tripartite ILO Governing Body meeting in Geneva that ends tomorrow has got tough with Fiji over its abuse of workers’ rights, under pressure from global unions, supported by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. It’s good news that the ILO has insisted on its ‘direct contacts mission’ being re-admitted to Fiji in time to report…

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Fiji: unions call for ILO Commission of Inquiry

16 Feb 2014, By

The TUC has joined a global union call for an ILO Commission of Inquiry into Fiji because of its appalling record of worker rights abuses. It’s the first step towards taking Fiji’s military dictatorship to the International Criminal Court for breaching Fijian workers’ fundamental human rights. TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady has written to both Foreign Secretary…

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Act now! Make Fiji’s military dictatorship feel the heat

26 Jan 2014, By

We’ve written before about the Fiji military dictatorship’s appalling human rights record and its harassment of trade union leaders. Most recently, the regime extended the ban on strikes (and effective ban on freedom to join a union) to cover the wood chip industry which is one of Fiji’s biggest export industry (as well as fire prevention, local…

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Take action to support Fiji hotel workers’ union

16 Jan 2014, By

On New Year’s Eve, hundreds of workers at Fiji’s Sheraton Hotel (part of the Starwood global hotel chain) walked off the job because managers had unilaterally withdrawn many of their benefits. Management agreed immediately to negotiate with the union concerned, and the workers went back to their jobs in time for the big celebrations that…

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Anti-strike Decree undermines Fiji’s kitemarks

24 Dec 2013, By

The military dictatorship that runs Fiji has responded to the prospect of a strike over pay in the wood chip industry by reclassifying it – as well as public services like local government, fire and the airports – under the Essential National Industries Decree (ENID), preventing unions from representing their members in the industry. That…

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