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Swaziland’s feudal dictatorship blocks public sector pay protests

22 Feb 2016, By

If you think the Tory attempts to prevent unions opposing cuts in the public sector through the Trade Union Bill are bad, spare a thought for the public sector unions in Swaziland, sub-Saharan Africa’s last remaining feudal dictatorship. Our friends at Swazi Media Commentary report that two trade union activists were arrested and charged with…

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Swaziland Ministers come to Brussels

24 Sep 2015, By

A ministerial delegation from Swaziland travelled to Brussels this week to respond to demands made by the European Parliament to improve the human and workers’ rights situation in the country. In May, I led the European Parliament’s work on a resolution which called for concrete actions by the Swazi government. We asked for the unconditional…

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Swaziland: is the pressure working?

14 Jul 2015, By

We’ve been pressing for a change of course in Swaziland for many years. It’s Africa’s last feudal dictatorship. It has the world’s highest rate of HIV-AIDS infection. And it’s one of the worst ten countries in the world to be a trade unionist, according to the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). But are things changing?…

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Join the fight against union repression in Swaziland

24 May 2015, By

This week Members of the European Parliament have condemned Africa’s last feudal dictatorship in Swaziland for its repression of trade union and human rights. One of the authors of their resolution, former union official Judith Kirton-Darling, has written for Touchstone about the decision by MEPs to call on the European Commission to use its economic…

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Swaziland’s Marikana in the making?

29 Nov 2014, By

Striking Swazi miners have retreated to a nearby hill in protest at the way they are being treated by their employer and the Swazi police, in a worrying echo of what happened ahead of the infamous Marikana massacre in South Africa a couple of years ago. And, ironically, their strike is against a mining company…

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Swaziland: union repression throws thousands out of work

09 Nov 2014, By

The continued repression of trade union rights in Swaziland is about to claim even more casualties in the form of unemployment in the textile industry. The low labour standards and poverty wages that have attracted Taiwanese companies to set up shop in Africa’s last surviving feudal dictatorship have led to the US government suspending the…

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