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Workers win in Wisconsin

16 Sep 2012, By

Hat-tip to Unite Assistant General Secretary Tony Burke, whose excellent Power in a Union blog alerted me on Friday to the latest workers’ victory in the long-running dispute over Wisconsin state employees’ bargaining rights. Dane County Circuit Court Judge Juan Colas struck down the Wisconsin law (Act 10) that eliminated public employee collective bargaining rights, returning…

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Wisconsin goes to the polls to replace anti-union Governor

04 Jun 2012, By

FURTHER UPDATE (I promise, I’ll stop now!) – the Democrats do appear to have won back control of the Wisconsin Senate by one seat, taking one of last night’s four Republican seats up for grabs. That would significantly weaken Governor Walker’s legislative powers, although there will be further elections in the fall. UPDATE on Wednesday:…

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TUC stands with US trade unionists reclaiming Wisconsin

09 Mar 2012, By

A year ago today, Republican Governor of the mid-west US state of Wisconsin rammed through a law stripping public sector workers in Wisconsin of their rights to collective bargaining in an illegal meeting in the dead of the night. Tomorrow, trade unionists, their families and their communities will march in the state capital, Madison, demanding the…

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Ohio: Turning the tide from Wisconsin?

09 Nov 2011, By

Great news this morning from Ohio, which along with Wisconsin is one of the slew of US states where Republicans (in this case Governor John Kasich) have been trying to remove collective bargaining rights and key working conditions from public sector workers in the name of austerity. A publicly demanded referendum has dramatically overturned the…

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Wisconsin: chickens home to roost?

24 May 2011, By

The union campaign to recall Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin achieved another success today when recall votes were announced for state Senators Dan Kapanke of La Crosse, Randy Hopper of Fond du Lac and Luther Olsen of Ripon. Recall petitions also have been filed for Alberta Darling of River Hills, Shelia Harsdof of River Falls and  Robert Cowles of…

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Wisconsin: unions begin to exploit their electoral strength

06 Apr 2011, By

Stronger Unions readers will know all about what’s been happening in Wisconsin. Mostly, it’s been a traditional story of union solidarity against overwhelming odds: our historic role to go down to glorious defeat. But one of the reasons unions have become such a persistent voice for the underdog is that unions aren’t just the voice…

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