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Stronger Unions is a news and comment blog about the UK trade union movement, managed by the TUC. We aim to be a central resource on the web for people wanting to find out about what unions are doing, and a community for people to contribute their own thoughts on developments for our movement.

Contributions should not be taken as formal statements of TUC policy. While many are written from a TUC perspective, blog posts will often cover areas where there is yet no settled TUC policy and go into areas in more detail than our formal decisions. And we want to avoid a dull corporate blog that simply strings together press releases and committee papers. You can always read them in their proper context on the TUC website.

And this of course goes double for guest posts to the blog. We occasionally invite external commentators to give us their thoughts in blog posts, to help widen debate. These do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the TUC or its staff – in fact, we may totally disagree with them!

TUC staff are free to contribute to the blog as often or as little as they wish. That will inevitably mean some subjects get more coverage than others. This should not be taken as any indication of TUC priorities, simply that some people like blogging more than others.

We welcome debate and we don’t expect everyone to agree with us, but this is our blog and we’ll remove any comments that we think are offensive, irrelevant or otherwise annoying.

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