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Mahdi Abu Dheeb

Mahdi Free! Bahraini teachers’ union leader released

28 Apr 2016, By Guest

Mahdi Abu Dheeb, the leader of the Bahrain Teachers Association (BTA) was freed on 5th April 2016 from a Bahraini jail after serving five years. He was jailed by a military court in 2011, accused of inciting social unrest, but his and the BTA’s real crime was that they campaigned for the rights of teachers…

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Iraq trade unions back the ‘white shirts revolution’

29 Mar 2016, By Guest

Last Friday, the Iraqi Teachers Union (ITU) openly endorsed the actions of students and teachers across Iraq (known as the ‘White Shirts Revolution’) who are standing up for justice, fair pay and the provision of basic services; against ISIS terrorism and institutionalised political and financial corruption. They are also calling for the improvement of education from primary, secondary…

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Solidarity with Turkish teacher unions

28 Mar 2016, By Guest

This Easter, the NASUWT 2016 International Solidarity Award went to the Turkish teachers’ trade union Egitim Sen, for its bravery in standing up for justice, democracy, labour and trade union rights and for the right to quality public education despite Turkish government attempts to crush the union. Egitim Sen has shown courage and resolve, and has…

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Teachers form new Arab trade union bloc

24 Oct 2015, By Guest

Seventeen education unions and associations representing sixteen Arab countries from the Middle East and North Africa met on 7-8 October in Beirut in Lebanon to establish a new Arab teachers’ trade union structure that is concerned with the promotion and advancing of quality education and professional status. It is also dedicated to an end to all forms of conflict and…

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Iraqi Workers Need Good Laws Now

Iraq’s new labour law: positive but ‘clipped’

19 Aug 2015, By Guest

Iraq has finally issued a labour law that complies with ILO conventions, up to a point. It is a good day for global justice. The law provides legal protection for organised workers in the private and cooperative sector against unethical practices of local and foreign employers. It provides collective bargaining and it provides workers with…

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Hadi Saleh

Hadi Saleh – ten years on

10 Jan 2015, By Guest

Today is the tenth anniversary of martyrdom of Hadi Saleh, international officer of the Iraqi trade union movement and my close friend. The union centre he represented, now known as the GFITU, is holding a memorial event today in central Baghdad to remember Hadi as trade union leader, as a peace and democracy campaigner and…

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